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Het volgende sinterklaas gedicht heeft een prijs gewonnen voor originaliteit in de sinterklaasgedichten wedstrijd 2008 van de Rijmpiet.

Schrijver: Karin IJsselstijn

Titel: Voor mijn spaanse schoonzus (Nederlands/Engels)

Dear Carmen,

Al begrijp je het misschien nu nog niet,
maar hier in Nederland is de Sint favoriet.
And with this little rhyme,
I tell you the story that’s mine.

I was born in Turkey, and bishop of Myra I became ,
centuries later, I don’t know why, my homeland became Spain.
When I was young, I gave all my belongings to the poor,
after my death, they declare me there Holy for.
Today, .. I’m the best friend of the kids,
the whole year they look forward, to tonight’s gifts.
They sing and wait,.. for that knock on the door,
and if they open it, “Zwarte Piet” throws candy on the floor.

I Know this may all sound a little weird,
but there are rumors, and they should be cleared.

My dear Carmen, you believe in Santa Claus, I have heard,
That’s the other old man,.. with red coat and a beard.
Maar daar houdt de vergelijking dan ook echt op,
Die Santa van jou, draagt geen mijter op zijn kop.
Here is even more shocking truth,
he does not ride with his horse “Americo” on the roof.
Like every year I come in mid-november,
With my steamer “Pakjesboot twaalf”, as you may remember.
My arrival will be broadcast live on TV,
Jaaaah,… dat heeft die Santa van jou vast nie....

Tonight I’m leaving as we speaks,
I know we just met, but I‘ve stayed here for almost 3 weeks.
Still this,… before I go,
I would like you to know.
That Santa of yours does not exist,
And sorry, if this makes you pissed.
He’s nothing more than a pale shadow mine,
For the rest of the world,.. that fine.
But not here, not tonight on “Pakjes” eve,
I’m the ONE,… in which you should believe.

Tonight we not only laugh, a poem has often also a target,
yes it gives us some goals, that we should not forget.
My wish for you is; make our language yours,
That’s for the moment your biggest course.
So you can easily talk with everyone,
and there are almost no translations to be done.
I hope I’ve made myself clear,
and will see how you do next year.
Because the poem next time,
Will be in Dutch rhyme.

Lots of Love
Sinterklaas & Zwarte Piet

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